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A fantastically unique choir

About us

The Boys’ Choir is a happines maximization organization that uses choral singing as a shining sword in the fight for the perfect event. We sing pop, rock and soul songs from the 60s onwards, interspersed with comic interludes. The songs are energetic, our performances are full of antics and humor but also leave room for fine-tuned ballads. With Gosskören on stage, you can count on a lot of audience interaction and audience flirtations.

Entertainment is like a diamond

We are an experienced entertainment group molded over generations. Since the start in 1996, we have developed our showmanship and our overall product. Today, we perform an average of about 50 gigs in a pandemic-free year, both for Swedish and international audiences, within and outside Sweden’s borders.

Flexible and proactive

We design our show to fit and be unique to your event. We are seasoned veterans who can find out where we should stand and walk to be heard and seen best. And we can handle almost any imaginable change, disaster or mishap that can befall an event.

No tech needed, but…

Microphones and a sound technician are very helpful and worth hiring if the audience is many and the room is large. We manage to come up with solutions for almost any situation even without sound amplification, but it is inevitable that some guests will sometimes hear us better than others. The Gosskören also has its own portable sound solution that requires neither sound technicians nor sound check in advance and is suitable for up to 150 guests – available as an option.


What can a performance look like?

A standard arrangement with the Gosskören

At most performances we do, the Gosskören enters the stage and takes over the venue after a short presentation by the toastmaster. With a lot of energy and using both the room and the audience, we sing 4 – 5 songs interspersed with humorous and atmospheric interludes. This usually takes about 20 – 30 minutes, all based on your wishes. In dialogue with those who have hired us in the past, we have implemented a variety of schemes, where additional pieces have been added or have been the main focus.

For those who want more

An alternative to a larger solo performance is to add a teaser before dinner, where the Gosskoren enters among the mingling guests, introduces itself and sings 1-2 brisk songs to start the party and build anticipation for the evening. At more solemn ceremonies, the choir may stand ready to sing a fanfare or perhaps perform a more classical choral arrangement.

The digital possibilities that have emerged

Recently, we have also been the headline act in several online events, where we stream live to the guests on any platform with professional sound and high-definition video. The choir does its utmost to cross the distance to the guests and create intimacy, with fun and antics adapted for the medium. Second only to kittens, we are the best mood booster even at digital gatherings.

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